Dissolving Estonian Company – Appointing Liquidator

Dissolving Estonian Company – Appointing Liquidator

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6 November 2022

Sometimes the plans will not work out. Business does not get off the ground as planned. Or the e-residency and Estonian company just aren’t as beneficial for your business as you hoped. These things happen, and now, you need to dissolve the company.

To dissolve the company, and assuming you won’t be doing it by yourself, you have to appoint a liquidator in the Estonian business registry. Often, it’s already too complicated for the e-residents to do without serious investment of time. And you really don’t want to invest any additional time once you’ve understood you’re closing the company.

This is a tutorial on how to appoint a liquidator for your company.

First log in to the business portal and click on your company. After you’ve done that, you can see this screen:

Start the petition for an entry regarding alteration and dissolution buttons

Click – “Start the petition for an entry regarding dissolution”.

Next up, go to persons in the entry.

Persons in the entry section

Click that and delete the management board:

Delete button section

And add a liquidator instead:

Choices of new person in the entry

Once this is done, click save and go back to entering the data in the application. Scroll down and there you can see:

The descision on dissolution in text format section

You can see “The decision on dissolution in text format” – click that and add the text there in a free form.

Example input of alteration of the text of the decision on dissolution

Once this is done, you also have to upload documents – the decision to call back the management, the decision to appoint the liquidator and dissolve the company.

Additional documents to be submitted with the entry petition section
Additional documents select choices

Once you’ve appointed the liquidator, then the liquidator will be responsible for dissolving the company. In general, it’s better if you will have someone to do it who actually knows what needs to be done, in what order, and how.

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