2021 Guide: Obtaining Estonian Company Documents From The Registry

2021 Guide: Obtaining Estonian Company Documents From The Registry

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6 October 2022

In this tutorial, we’re going to take a look at how you can obtain your company documents from the Estonian company portal.

Why Do You Need Company Documents?

Once you’ve completed the company formation in the Estonian business portal, the next step is to open a bank account. In order to apply for a bank account, you’ll need to have a set of company documents to present.

Most of the banks and fintechs require you to apostille or notarize the company documents. This means that the company documents have to be ordered via an Estonian notary, and you can ask our help to do so.

However, if you don’t need any certification for the documents, you can simply log-in to the Estonian business portal, and download the documents there.

To clarify, you do need an e-Residency to have access to the Estonian company portal.

STEP 1: Log in to the company portal

As a first step, we need to navigate to the Estonian company portal. You can do that by clicking here:

Company Portal.

Click on the log-in button, use your e-Residency card or the Smart-ID (if you have it) to log-in.

Estonian Company Portal

STEP 2: Choose the company

Navigate to the company which documents you want to obtain. Click on the company name.

Once you’ve done that, this is the view that you will see:

The company expanded registry card

Most of the e-residents have trouble with this document here. What you see here is an expanded company registry card, which shows the directors, shareholders and UBOs.

As you can see, there is no “download” button. This is what creates the confusion and I would like if the company portal added that button.

You can do “print-screen”, click “More Settings” (if you’re using Apple) and then open the page in PDF view. That’s how you get a PDF version of this page. There’s no other document showing the shareholder and directors data that clearly.

Open PDF in Preview

This is the same document which the Estonian notary obtains and apostilles upon request by the client.

STEP 3 – Registry Card

There’s another registry card which you can see as one tab in the menu section – “Registry Card”.

This is the public document anyone can access for free if they look for your company.

Company Registry Card

This document does not include shareholder structure nor UBO information. It does include information about the company members of the management board and other basic information.

STEP 4 – Articles of Association

One of the documents that are usually required is the articles of association of the Estonia company.

The problem with the AoA is that it’s always in Estonian. Once you download it, you need to send it to translation, if you need it in English or any other language.

To get the AoA, navigate to the “Company files” tab:

Once you’re there, you will see all kinds of documents related to your company. With the example below, because there have been share transfers, company name changes, and other actions which are recorded by the company portal, you’ll see quite a big list of documents:

Estonian company file cabinet

From this list, you can obtain the AoA and other documents that you will need for the banks or for any other purpose.


The documents described above are generally what you will need. As the Estonian business registry is very transparent, the banking institutions have an easy way to double-check that all the given information is correct and accurate.

If for any reason, you can’t find the documents that you need or you want to have our help in obtaining the apostilled documents via a notary, you can simply send us an email via hello@comistar.com