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What is e-Residency?

e-Residency is an Estonian government-issued digital identity that enables you to set up and run your business online. Most e-Residents are entrepreneurs who work digitally, are location-independent, and want to start and run an EU company.

Why start a business in Estonia?

e-Residency program

All government services are accessible online.

Digital services

Almost everything can be done online, tax declarations are filed digitally.

Online registration

Company incorporation with the e-Residency card takes 1-5 business days.

0% corporate tax

Estonia does not have any corporate tax.

Remote banking

Estonia is a trusted state and you can open an account in any EMI bank.

Convenient regulation

Estonia is part of the EU and top 5 best country for startups in Europe.

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Estonian company is perfect for

Startups environment

Estonia has a welcoming startup community with more than 1330 startups and 10 unicorns.

Amazon FBA and dropshipping

With an Estonian company you can easily register, manage and operate your e-commerce business in the European market.

Digital nomads

Estonian company is designed for digital nomads lifestyle. Company can be operated online, with no fixed location requirement.

Freelancers and contractors

Estonian company ables freelancers and contractors to operate in the EU under an affordable legal entity.

Complex and regulated activities

Comistar Estonia supports different regulated activities as well as compactness with multiple shareholders, board members, holding companies and many others.

Cryptocurrency companies

Some activities are regulated, but if you are planning to sell NFT or just invest in crypto, Estonian company can be a good solution.

Your 3-step launch plan


Get in touch

We will ask a few simple questions about you and your business plans and will find the best solution for your needs.


Obtain e-Residency

We will help with the application and guide you through the e-Residency process. Already a card carrying e-Resident? We will incorporate your company in 1-3 days!


Register your company

Once you have the card, we will help you choose the perfect accounting plan and prepare all documentation. You just need to sign the establishment application and the company will be registered in a few business days.

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S plan

45€ | Monthly

FIXED | + VAT 20%

  • Essential services
  • One bank account
  • Low-volume (up to 6 bills)
  • Simple service type activities

Most popular

L plan

159€ | Monthly


Everything in M Plan, plus

  • Crypto investments
  • e-Commerce
  • OSS filing
  • MOSS filing

XL plan

Individual plan

Public Limited Companies, regulated companies, crypto & fintech companies, investment firms, funds etc. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


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