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Accounting services

Whether you need a consultation on a special accounting issue or a full-range sophisticated accounting service.

Comistar Estonia is here to help you!


We have prepared three accounting plans for different business needs. Choose the one that fits your company's activity pattern most, and forget about the monthly madness with bills, invoices, and reports!
You can cover all the basic monthly accounting for your startup starting from €45, or we can work out an individual plan that covers the extensive company's most complex needs.

Benefits you will have with us

  • Tailor-made accountancy service for your needs only
  • Automated documentation exchange
  • Automated payments
  • Access to a mobile-friendly company management dashboard
  • Access to legal templates and tutorials
  • Open banking
  • Invoicing tool
  • 24/7 chat service

Most importantly, you can always be sure that your accounting is in perfect order and that all the reports are submitted on time!

How does this work?

We start with onboarding – we get to know your company's needs and tailor your required service. All our plans include essential services mandatory for operating a company in Estonia.

You will get consultation and support services along the way, as well as access to the Zero to Scale Software. There is no fixed-term commitment – you can cancel anytime! If your company's needs are greater or less than the plans offer – give us a call or leave a note, and we will customize a service that fully meets your needs.

  • Legal Address and Contact Person Service
  • Business Support
  • Monthly Accounting
  • Tax Compliance
  • Annual Report

Tax services

Corporate income tax advice

Corporate income tax in Estonia is unique. We advise multi-jurisdiction companies on Corporate earnings taxation to get the maximum benefit and avoid surprises such as Permanent Establishment.

VAT and indirect tax consulting

We handle and advise on VAT issues in multiple fields, from e-commerce to digital services. Our legal experts help ensure your company's VAT compliance practice is up to standards. We help to reduce risks and ensure VAT refunds. Should you require further assistance in protecting your company's interests the best way in VAT issues, we are here for you!

Permanent establishment

Permanent establishment rules are relevant to all businesses operated internally when the management resides outside the country where the company is registered. We have handled multiple PE cases and advised on the best company structure to minimize PE risk. We also help to manage PE taxation.

Other tax-related services

A business can use various tax benefits, including expenses that can lower the company's tax burden or use its funds for certain tax-free payments. Our experts will determine what expenses are the best related to your business according to current practice and advise you on any other tax-related matters.

About us

Comistar Estonia is operated by Premium Accounting OÜ (14683511) with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (EFIU) Operating license no: FIU000408 for Trust management and corporate service. Since 2017 we have been part of the e-Residency program. We are members of various Estonian associations, such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Taxpayers' Association, and Association of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Our services are covered by professional liability insurance for accounting, and we have in-house lawyers and business experts who can help you with different corporate matters. By entrusting your accounting to our hands, you can be sure that all the deadlines will be met on time, all the entries are well managed, and taxes will be optimized down to the last detail!

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