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Legal services

Comistar Estonia offers a wide range of legal services, from founding a company in Estonia to advising on specific legislation nuances in different fields of business. Increasing a share capital, obtaining apostilled documents, establishing and running a company without the e-Residency card – Comistar Estonia is here to help!

Our legal team has advised multimillion-euro exits, cross-border mergers, international tax structures, and simple employment agreements and company incorporations. We advise clients on Estonian and international taxation matters, including CFC rules and permanent establishment.

  • Share transfer services via POA
  • e-notary appointments
  • Different types of shareholders agreements (SHA)
  • Terms and Conditions
  • GDPR agreements, collaboration, service or freelancer agreements
  • AML Rules of Procedure
  • KYC procedures
  • EU or Estonia trademark registration
  • NDA's
  • Employment-related services
  • international taxation

We can also provide licensing services such as crypto, e-money, payment providers, investment firms, etc.
NB! All clients onboard with Zero to Scale are welcome to discuss their tax situation during the initial 30-minute free consultation.

Our most demanded services

Comistar assists clients with numerous company services like increasing share capital, obtaining apostilled documents, the formation of the company without the e-Residency card, and other relevant services for entrepreneurs opening and managing an Estonian company.

Company incorporation with Power of Attorneys

Registering a company in Estonia without e-residency and without visiting Estonia is possible. Comistar Estonia can represent you at the notary; we can assist with incorporating various shareholder structures and entity types.

Shareholder is a natural person

Shareholder is a legal person

Registration of the non-profit organization (MTÜ)

Share transfer options

Adding new shareholders, altering the company's articles of association or including a sheer holder agreement is not a complicated process. Still, you have to weather be in Estonia or have an e-residency to legislate the changes in notary. That is precisely what we can help you with – we can assist you in adding or removing shareholders by representing your company at the Estonian notary.

Via notary using Power of Attorneys

10k share capital and making the change in the Articles of Association

Issuing new shares

Selling shares via e-notary

Legal Agreements

Having all your legal agreements in top shape is crucial to protect your interests and enforce your rights. We help you to create arrangements that anticipate potential problems and set the procedure for resolving possible disputes.
We can help you to perfect all the necessary agreements:

Collaboration Agreement

Freelancer Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Option Agreement

Founders Agreement

Service Agreement

Employment Agreement

Management Board member Service Agreement

Data Processing Agreement

Equity Agreement

Investment Agreement

Website legal documentation

Your clients must know the terms of using your services, and every website must have a privacy policy detailing how the client's data is processed and stored. Zero to Scale offers sample documents for subscribers, and we draft custom documentation according to your company's specific needs.

Other legal services

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