e-Residency Pick-Up Locations

e-Residency Pick-Up Locations

31 October 2022

E-Residency pick-up locations are one of the things that you need to pay attention to when you’re applying for the e-Residency card. Due to travel restrictions, it could be difficult to get your hands on your e-Residency card if the only pick-up location in your country is in another city.

It’s true that the e-Residency team is working on going fully digital – meaning, perhaps by the end of 2020 or latest in 2021, you don’t need to obtain the physical e-Residency card at all. Everything will be digital, as it supposed to be for location independent businesses.

Meanwhile, before these changes have taken place, let’s take a look at the pick-up locations currently available.

e-Residency European Pick-Up Locations

As there are many Estonian embassies in Europe, there are also many pick-up locatons:

  • Vienna
  • Copenhagen
  • Prague
  • Brussels
  • Helsinki
  • Paris
  • Madrid
  • Tallinn
  • Tartu
  • Pärnu
  • Narva
  • Berlin
  • Athens
  • Budapest
  • Dublin
  • Rome
  • The Hague
  • Riga
  • Vilnius
  • Oslo
  • Stockholm
  • London
  • Warsaw
  • Lisbon
  • Bucharest

While most of the European countries are represented, it can be still complicated to travel from Barcelona to Madrid or from Napoli to Rome. During the lockdown period it’s a major hassle, but during normal times, it’s an unnecessary inconvenience.

e-Residency Other Pick-Up Locations

There are several e-Residency pick-up locations in Asia, North-America, and in the CIS countries.

  • Washington
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Ottawa
  • Canberra
  • Kyiv
  • Moscow
  • Pskov
  • St.Petersburg
  • Nur-Sultan
  • Tbilisi
  • Seoul
  • Beijing
  • Tokyo
  • Singapore
  • Ankara
  • Tel Aviv
  • New Delhi
  • Cairo

These are all the available pick-up locations for the Estonian e-Residency card. If you can, then we would recommend choosing Estonia as your pick-up location, if you haven’t been to Tallinn before. You can see the city, your service provider, and enjoy the beautiful Old Town of Tallinn. Click here to see the locations of the Estonian embassies in your city. You can also check out the Estonian taxation article we wrote, and the full guide to the e-Residency.