New Pick-Up Locations For Your e-Residency Card

New Pick-Up Locations For Your e-Residency Card

7 March 2021

Some good news for e-residents in Argentina and South-Africa.

It’s now possible to get your e-Residency kit without leaving the country. Or, worse case, it will be shortly possible (I have the information that it’s now possible, but the e-Residency website hasn’t been updated and new locations are not added).

There are 45m Argentines and 58,5m South-Africans, and enabling simple access to e-Residency to these new markets is a great thing for Estonia & for entrepreneurs seeking to do business in Europe in a reliable legal environment.

There will be more locations added this year. In the time of lockdowns and Covid, that’s crucial.

Yet, it’s still not an ideal solution.

We’re still rooting for a completely digital solution, where you don’t have to pick up anything.

We’ll have to wait and see when that happens!