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If you're an e-Resident and you want to start a company,
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What is e-Residency?

e-Residency is a unique program from the government of Estonia that allows entrepreneurs and freelancers around the world to set up and run their business online. You can get a digital ID card from the Estonian government, which allows them to access Estonia's e-services. e-Residents can use these services to start and run a global business entirely online from anywhere in the world.

About Us

  • We offer e-Residency services, business setup, taxation, company registration and consulting.
  • We have years of experience in e-Residency services, and our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.
  • Whether you need help with taxes, accounting, legal support, or any other aspect of managing your company.
  • We have in-house lawyers and personnel that can help with different legal corporate matters.
  • Comistar Estonia is Official e-Residency Service Provider and trusted member of the e-Residency Marketplace.
  • We’ll handle your company's more complex needs and develop your business vision.

Tailored Solutions For You!

S plan

25€ | Monthly

FIXED | + VAT 20%

Onboarding (incl. state fee)
425€ (one-time fee)

  • OÜ Company Registration
  • Legal Address
  • Contact Person Service
  • Business Support
  • Zero to Scale Software
  • Cancel Anytime

Most popular

L plan

159€ | Monthly


Onboarding (incl. state fee)
425€ (one-time fee)

Everything in M Plan, plus:

  • 30-minute Consultation
  • Tax Consultation once per quarter
  • Platform Businesses

XL plan

Individual plan

Public Limited Companies, regulated companies, crypto & fintech companies, investment firms, funds etc. Please contact to discuss your specific needs.

You Will Have Access To

  • Company management dashboard
  • Legal templates
  • Comprehensive tutorials
  • Invoicing tools
  • Integrations
  • Chat support

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