The hidden benefit of e-Residency

The hidden benefit of e-Residency

Business e-Residency
7 December 2020

The e-Residency program has a lot of benefits for entrepreneurs around the world. Not only for the digital nomads, but also for the businesses stuck in the horrendous bureaucracy of their countries.

Most of these benefits, like online company management and favorable taxation, are well known and advertised by the e-Residency program itself and by various service providers.

However, there is a new, and for us at least, very exciting development on the horizon. This development has a promise of creating real tangible money and deals for the participants of the e-Residency program.

The e-Residency team is building a community app to supercharge the whole ecosystem. This community app is designed to bring new business opportunities, partnerships, clients and possible joint ventures for the members of the community.

in essence, there’s a great chance to make money. Let’s be blunt, it’s one of the main reasons you’re running a business or planning to open a business.

We think of money as a gasoline while driving a car. You’ll never want to run out, but the point of life is not to go on a tour of gas stations.

Ecosystems providing such money making opportunities attract new participants. These ecosystems are strong only if the community is active and vibrant. More active, quality entrepreneurs we’ll have, more value the ecosystem creates to everybody.

We don’t have any illusions nor are we naive. We know how hard it is to make such platforms and communities work. We’ve been part of different memberships and communities, and very seldom have they succeeded on what they set out to do.

However, we believe that e-Residency as an uniting factor, and with already existing community, will give it a good head start.

Will you join the e-Residency revolution?