Crypto Startups in Estonia – Paxful, Coinpayments, CoinLoan, and many more

Crypto Startups in Estonia – Paxful, Coinpayments, CoinLoan, and many more

24 August 2020

Estonia has been one of the hotspots for crypto startups and companies in Europe. Since 2017, when the crypto boom hit, there have been all kinds of entrepreneurs flocking into the industry.

The crypto industry has been one of the best industries to enter in the last decade. The growth has been immense, and investor interest in any blockchain-related solutions have been high. Additionally, the growth of successful crypto companies has been hyperbolic.

While there have been many scams and a lot of investors money was lost during the ICO boom, it’s still an exciting industry, to say the least. DeFi (decentralized finance) is growing like crazy, new blockchain-powered solutions are coming to the market, and there is still ample opportunity in the market.

That’s why, regardless of stricter crypto regulations that were introduced in 2020, we’re still bullish and focused on blockchain companies. In this article, we’d like to take a look at some of the Estonian crypto companies and startups.


Paxful is the world’s largest P2P exchange, and it recently took over LocalBitcoins in terms of the highest P2P exchange turnover per week. They have millions of users and have earned the trust of crypto buyers and sellers by providing a wide variety of different payment options, and also focusing on many underserved markets.


Coinpayments started its operations in 2013, and they’ve become one of the best-known crypto payment processors in the world. Essentially, if you want to include crypto payments to your webpage, then Coinpayments is one of the options that you can use. It’s similar to Paypal button on the website. Coinpayments is an Estonian crypto company, though it’s not started by Estonian citizens.


You’ve got crypto that you don’t want to sell, but would need some cash? Crypto-backed loans could be the solution for you. Crypto credit markets have been growing like crazy in the last years with many people holding different crypto assets that they don’t want to sell, but could use the money. It could also be an efficient tax optimization option if carefully thought through. Either way, Nexo is one of the crypto companies registered in Estonia, and they’re one of the biggest crypto-backed credit providers in the world.


Bitcasino is an online casino platform that has grown exponentially since its inception. While the company is in Estonia, the founder is actually an Australian. But nevertheless, it’s a company that has been pretty much under the radar here in terms of local media, but the annual reports and turnover numbers are telling the story of a sweet jackpot. Note that if they don’t hold a license in your jurisdiction, you’ll need to use VPN or you won’t be able to access their website.


These are some of the Estonian crypto startups, but it’s not a conclusive list by any means. We have Mercury Cash, CoinMetro, Finrax, and some of the biggest crypto exchanges that have operations in Estonia. If you’re looking to obtain a license to start your own crypto startup in Estonia, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can read the 2020 guide to obtaining an Estonian crypto license here.