Basics of Great (e-Residency) Companies

Basics of Great (e-Residency) Companies

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12 June 2022

It’s an exciting moment when you first receive your e-Residency card. You’re now part of the community, and moreover, you can now finally start your e-business.

Whether it’s an e-Residency company or established using the “old” methods, once you start operating the business, the reality sets in – you need to develop the product/service, find customers, communicate with the suppliers, hire, and a lot more.

This is where the entrepreneur’s skill and experience kick in. And hustle. During the first years, it’s usually the hustle and grit of the entrepreneur that matters most and drives the business forward.  But there comes a point in time when you hit the ceiling.

And it may be fine. Not everyone wants to build a big business. We have different needs and goals. Most entrepreneurs, however, tend to be ambitious.

To follow this ambition and scale the business, you need systems and processes.  You need to have the basics of great companies.